EskomSePush's latest stats - 120 days of power cuts in 2022


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May 24, 2010
Scary load-shedding statistic revealed

If Eskom could implement 2022's load-shedding continuously, the rotational power outages would have lasted for roughly four months without interruption.

That is according to data published by the well-known load-shedding app EskomSePush.
De Ruyter and his team sure earning their money. Worth their weight in gold as ANC appointees.
"The worker confessed he had done so to secure more work at the station for his company."

This has been at the core of the issue for a very long time.
Many moons ago I worked with a guy that used to be involved with IT systems and software built for Eskom.... he had many stories of workers that would literally threaten each other with death when someone actually does the work because that person is seen as a threat to the project completing, leaving them without work.

How would you even begin to resolve something like that?