Esquire-LCD-LED TV’s , Media Player Special


Esquire representative
Mar 24, 2008
Hi All

A couple of days ago someone from the forum requested we do some specials on LCD TV’s and media players

We don’t have much media players as we waiting for our new container to arrive next week but still have few that we want to move still at old pricing.

We also launching our own brand LCD TV which is aimed at the budget market, but have never comprised on the quality of the product,

We currently using one internally the picture clarity is fantastic

It is not a Full HD but as spare TV it is great value for money , we only brought in one container to test the market and doing it at a special launch price.

We also doing a special on the Geeko Privio External Media player , this unit is ideal as Media Player as it will play almost any formats , but the main function is to bundle it with a standard vga monitor to be used as Digital Signage in Supermarkets, Fast food outlets , Chain Stores by loading the content on a SD Flash Card or USB flash drive and connecting it to the 15 pin D-Sub Vga port that comes standard on the Geeko Privio media player.

Take advantage of these low pricing as we will adjusting our pricing up on most of the LG and HiSense TV’s when new stocks arrive next week


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Apr 25, 2006
Do i need a TV license to buy a TV from you?
Any place that sells a TV requires you to present a TV license, you could possibly ask for one of their bigger monitors?


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Dec 23, 2007
has anyone bought one of these Casey SA-32L66 LCD Tv's i need to purchase one for my future father-in-law's office


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May 9, 2007
It's the law you should know better.

Retailer selling you a television without a license can find themselves in big trouble
I understand a retailer requiring a TV license, but isnt esquire a distributor?
Does it still apply?