ET denies Ystergarde camp


Aug 2, 2005
Swartruggens - Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging leader Eugene Terre'Blanche says he knows nothing about the three people accused in the death of a young man during a so-called game ranger training camp on a farm near here.

The camp has been alleged to train members of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging's Ystergarde (Iron Guard).

"I don't know who these people are. The Ystergarde has in any case been disbanded and has definitely not regrouped," said Terre'Blance, who is currently busy organising public meetings to build volkseenheid (unity of the people).

Alex de Koker, the manager of Echo Wild Game Rangers, and two co-accused have been charged in connection with the murder of Eric Calitz, 25. Police are also investigating the death of Nicolaas van der Walt, 19.

Calitz died on January 31 after collapsing during a "training session" on a farm in the Swartruggens area.

'Make a man' of him

Police began investigating his death after post-mortem indicated he did not die of natural causes, as had at first been reported, said national police spokesperson Director Sally de Beer.

It is alleged that Calitz was assaulted during the training, which is reportedly "paramilitary" in nature.

De Koker and two employees, Bianca Pronk, 18, and Jacques Mans, 18, were arrested earlier this month on a charge of murder.

Pronk and Mans were released on bail of R5 000 each on March 12.

"He was so excited about the training, because he was looking forward to his future," said Calitz's sister Mathilda Groenewald. Calitz's brother Brian, 32, was with him at the training camp. He is engaged to the sister of Van der Walt, who died a week before Calitz.

The problem apparently began when Calitz wanted to withdraw from the training, aginst De Koker's wishes.

De Koker allegedly said he would "make a man" of Calitz.

According to Groenewald, her brother's body was scalded and covered in marks apparently caused by a beating.,9294,2-7-1442_2087032,00.html

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