eThekwini leaked private details of almost 100,000 residents

Keerist, and after CoJ you would assume these muppets would at least test basic shyte like this...
How long before they put the blame on the public for "hacking"?

Actually surprisingly eThekwini do seem to be handling this internally for the moment.

They've taken the site offline for the moment, and are correcting the issue from what the tweets seem to indicate.
200 million and how many years later and these fools still can not get it right .
Just remember: Only security issues in billion-Rand SAP projects require the involvement of the Hawks and CCU :whistling:
How does one report something like this?

I was searching for a person and got to a spread sheet hosted on a government website that contains personal details of many people. Full names, ID numbers, addresses, contact details, etc.
Actually, no. POPI isn't signed into power yet.

Yeah I know, just found it amusing that this breach happened on the same day I got a notification that the regulator has been appointed.