Everything you need to know about marketing and spam calls

Everything you need to know about marketing?

Uhm, the article has absolutely nothing on everything about marketing?

Since it is click bait, the spam calls can easily translate into online ads which many here are complaining about...

Why are online ads such an issue?

How can you stop online ads?

Perhaps, Kevin, you can do an article on online ads than quoting The Conversation with an altered title.

True that. This topic is of no consequence in South Africa, apart from leaving us feeling even more disenfranchised, as we have no real privacy laws despite our constitution. POPIA was last seen somewhere between Lapland and Lalaland. Yet the the basis of the article is that the backing privacy mechanisms are in place.

Real horror story: One of our large health insurers buy their data on South Africans from a company listed as being in Ireland and using a .EU domain. The problem is their details as listed is that of Tourism Ireland. The domain registration details are hidden as per EU privacy laws. Tourism Ireland was shocked upon seeing it and escalated it to their privacy regulators. I also emailed them all the details. However since I'm South African and not European ... feck off.

Cry the buggered country.

/Edit: May as well post details here for research purposes. This is OUR reality:
Subject: FW: Unsolicited SMS marketing
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 08:39:48 +0200
From: Murray Hewlett

Hi ,

In terms of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act we received your number from www.globallists.eu




Head Office
Telephone: +353 1 476 3400
Fax: +353 1 476 3400
Email: [email protected]

Physical address:
15 Blanchardstown
Dublin 15

Postal address:
15 Blanchardstown
Dublin 15

Se tel nr at https://www.tourismireland.com/contact-us

All indications address does not exist.

Subject: Acknowledgement of your e-mail to the Data Protection Commissioner
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 08:23:29 +0100
From: Info <info < at > dataprotection.ie>
Reply-To: info <at > dataprotection.ie

To Whom It May Concern

I acknowledge receipt of your e-mail to the Data Protection Commissioner.
Where your email relates to a query (as distinct from a formal complaint
under the Data Protection Acts),
you should be aware that in line with our Customer Service Charter we aim
to reply within 15 working days and usually much sooner.
In doing so, we will communicate clearly, providing you with a full
response to your query.

If we are not in a position to issue a reply within that period, we will
inform you of its status.Regards

Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
Canal House
Station Road
Co. Laois

LoCall: 1890 252 231 Ph: +353 (0)57 868 4800 Fax: +353 (0)57
868 47 57

IP Address
Country South Africa
Network Name Hetz-managed-ssl-cpt3
Owner Name Hetzner Managed/SSL subnet
From IP
Allocated Yes
Contact Name Hetzner IP Admin
Address Frazzitta Business Park
CNR Battis and Langeberd Road
Cape Town 7550
Postal Add: P.O Box 3450
Cape Town 7551
Abuse Email
Phone +27 21 970 2000
Fax +27 21 970 2001
Whois Source AfriNIC
Host Name www.affinitydental.co.za
Resolved Name www6.cpt4.host-h.net

/Edit2: Just spotted this - history has a way of catching up:
http://old.waspa.org.za/code/download/22254.pdf - Globallists.eu mentioned.
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On a similar note, had to finally install true caller on my phone. Yesterday alone it blocked 8 calls from two numbers spamming me. Both are the answered, put down type.
Installing it now, the most annoying thing is the recorded calls. People don't even like speaking to an answering machine or leaving voice messages, who thinks that I'm going to listen to a message. F off.
Article not relevant to SA...

And as most of us only use cells, there is one solution to unsolicited calls.. Trucaller.