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Excellent support and service: CISP (Cool Ideas)


Expert Member
Jan 23, 2014
Some of the ISP's get a lot of (justifiable) flack but I would like to mention the awesome support and profecional service i got from CISP (Cool Ideas)

FrogFoot installed Fibre last month in my area; got a call on Tuesday from their installer and booked 11:00 Thursday.
The guys arrived at 10:30 and after a quick caffeine fix they got cracking slicing up my driveway and laying conduit to get the fibre cable into the house.
By 14:00 they were done and dusted - other than the trench (which they filled up this morning) there was no evidence left.

Slightly excited and eager to get up and running i called Cool Ideas (had to wait a whole 2 min to speak to a very friendly and helpful human) to give them the excellent news.
They promptly got back to me confirming all was good with my connection, paperwork was in order and router would be shipped ASAP.
Before 07:00 the next morning (Friday) I received the router and have been downloading at 100mbps all weekend with no issues what-so-ever!

There you go people - there are still ISP's out there that can and will deliver.