Experts and industry associations call for President Ramaphosa to declare state of emergency


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May 24, 2010
President Ramaphosa must declare state of emergency — experts

Former National Director of Public Prosecutions Vusi Pikoli and the beer industry have called on the government to declare a state of emergency amidst civil unrest.

Pikoli started a petition to encourage President Cyril Ramaphosa to declare a state of emergency to stop the unrest and looting.
Yeah, solution is to fck up the economy that is already well and truly sodomized already.
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Hasn’t the US called it a few times? I’m not sure what it does but I imagine it means they get a lot more power to take action and maybe also that fully justifies army in the streets etc?
What happens then? Will bottle stores still stay closed?

If your stock is looted it is one thing, but if your building is burned down and your equipment stolen then it is much more difficult to recover.

I think the intention now is to stop the destruction. It is not looting anymore, they are destroying the buildings now as well.
OK, but whappens then? What will be different? Will this be civil war where I can legally go and shoot looters?
It's going to be a rough couple weeks and months ahead, never thought I'd see this day and the **** that happened over this past 2 weeks !
Except it will more likely worsen rather than solve the problem..... the reasons for this happening are directly tied to ANC policies.... they are literally systematic laws and all.
I have a funny feeling that the other faction in the ANC is pushing their looters to get a SOE instated. For what reason, I do not know.

My theory is the whole play is to get Ramaphosa to do something (like have civilians killed by the SANDF on his watch) that ruins him politically, then his faction will be in tatters. Remember, his detractors hold him accountable for the 35 dead at Marikana, so he already has that over his head. It will also be convenient if a ZumaRET acoloyte can take power in a state of emergency as then they have limitless powers to do what they want.
What are the implications of SoE?
shoot with live ammo, which hopefully results in lots of Darwin awards
arrest on suspicion
SAPS don't just stand and watch
SANDF probably clear streets and areas quicker
bottle stores are closed again
Don't need a SOE with the Disaster Management Act already in play. They've already got all the authority they need without that meddlesome parliamentary oversight...
lame duck squirrel president is what we have ably led by incompetent eejits
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