Extortionists target township business owners


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May 18, 2009
Not just townships

Neighour is a cook at a bakery in Bergvliet. Two (black) gents came in and started knocking off trays of pastries and bread off the shelves. Two lady customers were told to leave as they were addressing the owner

She (the owner) was told that for a sum starting off from R5000 she would be able to prosper.

The SAPS were called afterwards, took a statement and did nothing more. She had their pictures on the CCTV bit was told that these would only be used if the matter progressed. She asked the two SAPS guys if they did not want to prevent crime. They told her that was not their job
That's just madness. Don't you guys have CPF? Police tend to be a little more proactive when they know they're being held accountable by someone.


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Dec 24, 2014
Gangsters target Khayelitsha hair salons, hawkers, child care centres

JOHANNESBURG - Hair salons, hawkers and child care centres are among small businesses being extorted by gangsters in Khayelitsha.

This is according to the Khayelitsha Development Forum, which hosted a prayer service in the area over the weekend where residents stressed that they'd had enough and called for action from authorities.

The forum’s Ndithini Tyhido said even pedestrians were being intimidated to pay protection money.

In some cases, residents have even had to show the criminals their payslips so they can decide on an amount of money to be extorted.