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May 11, 2011
Sebastian Vettel: F1's rules-for-everything culture led to Canada penalty, says GPDA boss

"We want rules for each and every thing and that's where we arrived," he [Alexander Wurz, GDPA Chairman] said.


The Austrian - a former Benetton, McLaren and Williams F1 driver and two-time Le Mans winner - said he did not believe Vettel's actions should have incurred a penalty but praised the stewards for acting based on precedent.


Wurz said drivers and teams had created a culture in which they had demanded so much precision from governing body the FIA that the stewards were left with no room for judging individual incidents on their merits.


"Each and everyone in the system who thinks this penalty is not justified is at fault because over the years, with all these incidents and cases, the drivers and team managers asked the FIA in the open way of discussion for clarification of what is allowed and not - down to millimetre and micrometer movements. I take part in all the drivers' meetings.

"In this whole process over the years, that is where we arrived.

"The just, rational decision of looking at a situation and making a decision based on, yes, underlying rules, but not in such fragmented, small little details, has gone.
So the drivers are basically playing themselves. They opened the door for micro-managing the sport and have removed case-by-case reviewing of incidents. Stewards are acting within very stringent guidelines.
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