Facebook agrees to German privacy-protection deal


King of de Jungle
Mar 17, 2005
The Friend Finder feature allows Facebook to search potential users and register or even import their entire email address books without notifying them.

OK, this is a bit of a misleading statement.

Let's say, that I (Gary) am a member of Facebook. When I log on Facebook offers to search through my e-mail contact list to find other friends that may be on Facebook. So I give it permission to upload my Gmail contacts list and search through for friends to find those who are also on Facebook.

I did not give it permission though to actually contact everybody in my Gmail list and invite them. That is what is happening here I assume? It's one thing to find those who are already on Facebook and make the connection... but it is a serious invasion of privacy to e-mail all of my contacts and invite them without my permission.... and to hold on to that e-mail list for future marketing purposes. I did not give FB permission to do that, and neither did the owners of each e-mail address in my contact list.

Facebook cannot however import my contact list or any of my contacts lists without my or their permission.