Federal Communications Commission To Launch 5G Spectrum Auctions.


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Nov 16, 2017
The Federal Communications Commission this week voted to begin the process of conducting spectrum auctions later this year as part of its latest efforts meant to facilitate the deployment of the fifth generation of wireless networks in the country.

The regulator proposed two auctions, with the first one being set to begin on November 14 and auction off spectrum blocks in the 28GHz band, whereas the second one will deal in the 24GHz frequency and begin immediately following the conclusion of the initial process. The proposal was delivered in the form of a Public Notice that’s open to comments on the plan, as is customary for spectrum auctions organized by the FCC.

"It may not be flashy, but this is a vital step toward promoting U.S. innovation in 5G wireless services, the Internet of Things, and many technological firsts in these previously-underused, high-band frequencies," FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a statement"

The FCC also asks whether and what particular rules should apply to the auctions, such as prohibiting certain communications, for example. The 5G auctions will be the first since the broadcast incentive auction freed up TV spectrum for wireless broadband.

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