Fiberglass & Resin - suppliers in Cape Town

Mar 9, 2010
I have seen the 2010 thread:

I'm also looking for a good source of inexpensive fibreglass mat and resin. Is AMT still the best?

Does anybody know of any alternative, or better, suppliers in Cape Town?

Also, AMT sells a range of different resins. I'm looking for a good, waterproof, outdoor resin - for a pond, so it has to be human & fish friendly. Has anybody had experience with their products and a suggestion?


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Mar 4, 2013
Recently found a place called Aerontec, as in the past we exclusively used AMT, but their pricing was starting to get a bit much, hence looking into alternative suppliers.

AMT's service is awesome compared to Aerontec, but then again Aerontec is basically half the price, might be worth looking into.


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Feb 13, 2009
AMT are more for the hobbyist and focus on "Advanced" composite as their name implies. For normal everyday GRP, you need not buy massively expensive products, stick to Polyester resins, or maybe even Vinylester, epoxy is way overkill. For the glass, chopped strand is your best bang for buck, only use cloth for intricate work. You can use gel coats (like in fibreglass pools) to achieve a nice surface finish.

As for suppliers, The Ferro group just recently had their takeover / merger approved by the competition board. So google NCS resins see where their branch is.