Fibre line installed but no ONT Device - What now?


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Jun 14, 2010
Hi All,

So I applied for Fibre from Afrihost using Openserve, got my router delivered and a few weeks later an OpenServe technician arrived onsite to perform the Fibre installation.

So all that went well except that the OpenServe was requiring an "order" number from Afrihost to complete the installation, long story short from the Afrihost sales rep - "The OpenServe technician was not following process". So the technician left with the ONT device which he tested and the fibre is active.

Afrihost says on their map that I don't have fibre coverage yet, how do I get OpenServe to comeback and install the ONT device?

What should I do, Afrihost is stuck waiting for OpenServe and OpenServe has no response? :crying:

All that is there now is the Huawei termination point waiting and the DLink router.


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Nov 7, 2005
Should be Afrihost's prerogative to sort this out as you applied for the fibre through them, Openserve is just the provider/installer. Log a ticket with Afrihost and if they don't sort it out, take to social media to complain.
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Apr 26, 2008
Thanks man, I shall do, contemplating going to Telkom for Fibre.
I originally applied for fibre via Afrihost through Openserve, but after waiting 3 weeks with no word, went to Telkom and 3 days later had fibre installed.

Cancelled my Afrihost apication, and two weeks later I had someone from Afrihost phone to sort out my installation after I had already cancelled.

Telkom were a lot more efficient, and have been with them ever since.