Fight bubbling over R8 billion oil contract at Eskom


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May 24, 2010
Big fight over R8 billion oil contract at Eskom

Advocate Nazeer Cassim SC has recommended that the Eskom board be held accountable for awarding an R8 billion contract to Econ Oil, the Sunday Times reported.

According to the paper, the Eskom board is getting ready for a fight with Cassim after he recommended that action be taken against them in the same report that he recommended the dismissal of former chief procurement officer (CPO) Solly Tshitangano.

A civil case between Eskom and Econ is currently before the High Court in Johannesburg, with Eskom seeking to have the contract overturned. The power utility is also asking that Econ pay back R1 billion that Eskom claimed it overpaid during the course of its relationship with the oil supplier.

Non-executive interim chair of the Eskom board Malegapuru Makgoba told the Sunday Times that he thinks it's important to wait for the court's judgement before the board responds.


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Dec 20, 2007
Not as poor and hungry as the rest of the country they have screwed over.

State corruption is akin to treason. The Chinese know this all too well and simply take the perp out and shoot him. One of the few principles China has I can relate to.
African cultcha is different, you listen to the big man or those that have money & never go against central's plan even if it means you'll die or be poor..


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Feb 26, 2011
Vally also had harsh words for the power utility's board, questioning how it could have entered into such an agreement with Econ Oil in the first place.

"Had the board applied its mind properly to the matter it would have had no choice but to forsake the outcome of the negotiations [with Econ Oil and others]. Instead it chose to adopt it. By do doing it perpetuated the illegality and gave it legal effect," he said.

Looks like the board will have to do the honourable thing.

Cosmik Debris

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Feb 25, 2021
There's Paul Econ? Is the lady a front?

And there was a Dimitri Econ.

Mark Wullosken, an ex KGB officer, is also linked to Dimitri Econ (Econ was also with John Kipp [CIA] and Alex Kouvaris [ex CCB] who is an ex-MI agent and father of Paul Econ).