Fixed-LTE and Netflix vs DStv Premium – Price showdown


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Jul 6, 2017
Fixed-LTE and Netflix vs DStv Premium – Price showdown

MyBroadband recently showed that uncapped 10Mbps fibre and a Netflix subscription is now cheaper than a DStv Premium subscription.

The fibre and Netflix combo came in at R838, while DStv Premium with the Access fee is priced at R899 per month.
I do not think that this is fair The cost assumption remains based on having no internet at all and as replies have been given a lot of people already have the internet - so your cost comparison is not that useful You might want to add a few rands to bring up speed on a landline and to change to uncapped Also why the fascination with Netflix If I did not have fibre and no land line I woud go with Cell C and Black which gives you some sport and channels and i believe your usage of black streaming is free but I am lucky I pay $3.00 per month for Amazon Prime and have a setup with Roku which costs R450.00 per month with all the USA premium channels ABC Showtime Fox CBS All Access NBC so I am sorted and i used to run this on a 10 mbps land line until our complex got fibre


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Oct 21, 2009
Still don't know why we are flogging this dead horse. People have left Mulitchoice. Not just based on price, but personal choice.


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Jan 13, 2014

You have multiple options to make it work:

1. Get 2 routers and 2 smart plugs to schedule the routers to turn off and on at certain times.

2. Use spare phones or LTE enabled tablets - most Android devices automatically switch over to mobile data once they lose WiFi connection.

Using an automation app like Macrodroid you can tell the devices to switch off/on WiFi and to also switch on/off hotspot at a certain time.

I use option 2.
I use option 3: Unifi equipment and 2 LTE routers, fully automated system
1 . Clients connect to Unifi AP
2. Unifi AP connects to USG LAN port
3. USG has 2 WAN ports, WAN1 has RAIN, WAN2 has Telkom. Load-balanced in fail-over mode

11pm to 6pm USG routes via RAIN wan. 6pm to 11pm USG routes via Telkom. USG automatically handles fail-over and fail back between the 2 connections

Edit:there are other routers that can automate the switch as well