FNB Fusion account with FNB Pay and Garmin Pay issue


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Jun 12, 2007

I'm wondering if anyone has had these issues, and what you did to get around them.

I got a new FNB Gold Fusion card, tried to register it for FNB Pay (tap to pay option using your phone), yet registration fails every time. Phoned up FNB last week, they couldn't figure it out. It was escalated, and of course - haven't heard from them since.

Similar issue with Garmin pay. Got a new watch, tried to register the card on Garmin pay. As soon as I did, it denied me saying the card issuing bank doesn't support it, yet they do. I am assuming whatever card issue I have with FNB pay relates to Garmin pay.

I am at a loss. The branches are useless, as they tell me to call. I call, and it's endless explaining and escalating, with no results.