FNB hit with service issues


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Jul 30, 2010
Really sad that they don't have a fail over system in place. It's going to be a costly thing to implement, but will save them from embarrassing moments like this.


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Jun 25, 2010
Everything seems to be working fine on my side.

I actually got this matter resolved, according to them all transaction were banked into my Savings Account, which does not even exist, I were like WHAT SAVINGS ACCOUNT? It took a whole day to get everything moved to my Cheque Account and the transaction came in separately like an hour apart. At least the problem is sorted, but strange though.

The worst were two months ago when my entire account stopped all processing. I had 0 balance (this also happened last month in the middle), no debit order went down which took my time to do everything manually when the issues were resolved.

I know a supplier who could not process any transactions to FNB - FNB (similar to me); this caused havoc in their organisation.

This is scary at times, although I won’t move, I need the PayPal / FNB services on business and personal level. Also the deposit ATM’s is down or in maintenance mostly nowadays.