FNB is hiring everyone from cybersecurity experts to chemical engineers


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May 24, 2010
FNB on tech hiring spree — recruiting for 300 jobs

FNB announced in a press statement on Thursday that it is recruiting 300 experts with engineering, technology, data and quant skills.

It said the recruitment drive is to fast-track its fintech and platform-related aspirations in banking, insurance, investments, and telecommunications.
Bliksem, 300 experts needed all of a sudden
What happened to the existing 300 who were there?
Have they left the country for good?
Probably just another company stuck in the old world where people must sit in traffic and pollute on their own time and cost. Now they have to compete for skills with modern companies allowing remote work and probably pays international related salaries.
Any other perks?
It's been years since I left so things may have changed.

Bonds were prime - 2%
Staff account was R60pm
Money Market accounts were boosted to the maximum interest rate with only R1000 in them.
There were one or two retail benefits which I used when buying my car.

I'm sure there is more but I can't remember them right now. The leave was def one of the better ones.
They have many financial perks, and that's a big plus. I left because it's still very much big corporate and everything that comes with it.
That's just my experience in the team I was part of.
Johannesburg - is this not that place in southern Africa that just got mass looted and is a crime infested danger to live in? How clever must an employee be to want to live and work in that place?
Yes I have. They're finally recruiting to replace me
My suspicions were right then. I always thought you worked there. You were always clever with your comments on the forum. I often thought you were an insider ;)
Sad, they should have had enough IT, and Cyber Security types on board long ago, now they want to poach folks to fill those gaps. EISH!!