Foodies Unite - New Web App


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Oct 12, 2017
Hi awesome mybb forum members,

Some work friends and I have created a Web App centered around sharing meals. Any feedback/suggestions would be much appreciated :D. Click here for more about OpenSeat.
The Application's main purpose is around people hosting meals at their house (or any venue) and guests joining these meals.

The meals are of 2 types: Private and Public

For Private meals: guests are invited by their cellphone number and they can join via the SMS notifications.
For Public meals: the meal details are shown on the home page of the website and any users can request to join the meal. Hosts then have the option of accepting/declining the request, accepted guests can make payment for the meal and secure a seat.
Check out the How-To for more details.

The application is in it's early stages and over 10 meals have happened already, if you're in Durban there's a meal coming up on Heritage day :giggle: hosted by some of the OpenSeat team.

Looking forward to the feedback and will try my best to answer any questions.

Click here for link to App
Link to Facebook with some pictures of meals that have happened.
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