Ford South Africa issues third recall of Kuga vehicles


Nord of the South
Feb 23, 2012
"Ford Motor Company South Africa has issued another urgent safety recall of its Kuga vehicles.
The recall comes after Ford discovered that the insulation surrounding the front seatbelt retractor’s pre-tensioner posed a fire risk in the event of a head-on collision. Ford says that activation of the pre-tensioner could cause the insulation to catch fire.
As reported by Wheels24, this recall affects all Kuga vehicles built in Spain between July 2012 and June 2014 regardless of engine size or type.
“The solution is to remove the insulation material from the area around the seatbelt retractor pre-tensioner to prevent the risk of fire,” said Ford.
The firm goes on to say that Kuga owners that weren’t affected by the previous recalls should contact their dealer. Customers who were affected by the previous recall should also contact their dealer.
“The repair work for this recall should not take more than an hour to complete,” said Ford.
To schedule an appointment customers should contact Ford Customer Service at 0800 204 688 or 012 843 5824. Alternatively you can email Ford at
It’s estimated that some 7 219 Kuga vehicles in South Africa are affected by this recall."

..just keep driving...


Honorary Master
Feb 1, 2008
They really should just recall every single Kuga in existence, destroy them, destroy the designs, destroy every bit of evidence that such a turd was ever squeezed out of Ford's posterior and refund the original sales price.


Expert Member
May 6, 2015
Funnily enough, there are quite a few Ford Kugas that drive as through they are on fire on my commute to Sandton every day. If I was them, I'd be driving very very carefully with all these fire risks