Fraudulent Vodacom Upgrade (from 3G to Voice)


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Jan 4, 2007
So I decide to call Vodacom to cancel my 24 month 3G contract (as I'm in my 23rd month). The call centre lady tells me that I cannot cancel this contract as it was just upgraded about a week ago and the new expiry date is March 2019. They refer me to the Vodacom Store in the East Rand (name withheld) so that I can query further. I go to Vodacom Store East Rand, they tell me that my 3G contract was upgraded to a voice contract (at a Vodacom Store in the West Rand - name witheld) and a Galaxy S7 Edge worth R12000 was issued to the person that upgraded my contract.

Wow, I did not realise how easy it was for a man off the street to upgrade my contract on my behalf. Perhaps this person has used a copy of my ID to do the upgrade or has fraudulently copied my ID.

Vodacom is investigating the matter, hoping to get an answer soon.

Just thought this might be worth sharing, something to keep an eye out for.