Free Internet speed upgrades for lockdown in South Africa – All the details

Hanno Labuschagne

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Sep 2, 2019
Free Internet speed upgrades for lockdown in South Africa – All the details

South African Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and fibre network operators are working together to upgrade Internet speeds for free during the national lockdown in South Africa.

Vumatel first announced that it would upgrade the line speeds of existing users on its fibre network at no additional cost from 1 April until 31 May 2020.

To further assist ISPs, Vumatel and its interconnect partner have agreed to increase the bandwidth capacity of Network to Network Interface (NNI) at no additional charge for March, April, and May.
I Wonder if Cool Ideas will implement this on Frogfoot, They have said yes on Vumatel, but that's about it
No word from Afrihost yet on MetroFibre doing upgrades guess it will only be pushed to us on the 1st
Is this only if you use the listed companies directly?

My fibre is MetroFibre but my ISP is Cell C, I havent seen any upgrade.
I emailed them to upgrade my speed from 20/2 to 50/5, they sent me a confirmation email and then evening I get an email about this free upgrade . Could have saved some money
MetroFibre also seems to have not upgraded here either yet.

Assuming (hopefully) that it is in progress as these things can take time.

@joker08 internet is far better at 100m so it may not be a waste.

I'm really hoping that all the upgrades don't require the ISP to also do something as some are slower than others.

Keep wanting to switch but the fact that I need to cancel first then apply worries me that I may not have internet for an unknown period.
I feel rather silly holding out for an ADSL speed upgrade from Telkom.

MyBroadband asked Openserve whether it would offer free speed upgrades for customers, but the company did not respond.


This just in, telkom responds:

LOL upgrade the speeds when the Internet is under strain an Netflix is even lowering picture quality :rolleyes: