FreeME LIT issues on other APNs than 'internet'

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Apr 6, 2017
Recently Telkom Mobile had issues with secure sites logging out of sessions in the standard prepaid 'internet' API. Recently it was advised to use alternative API's like 'telkominternet' and 'unrestricted' to continue browsing without these issues.

As a prepaid FreeMe package user I was forced by necessity to do this because almost every foreign site I visited either forced me to frustratingly log in through google verify or cloudflare verifications, or immediately logged me out of secure sites after a few seconds.

I usually top up with Telkom Mobile 10 Gig or 20 Gig prepaid FreeMe packages and receive generous free LIT Video or LIT Music gigabytes, which would be used to watch youtube at 360p.

Viewing would usually first deplete the LIT data before eating into my everyday all networks data, which is what's advertised.

After I was forced to change my APN from the default 'internet' APN to either 'telkominternet' or 'unrestriced' APN I noticed youtube video data was coming straight off the everyday networks data and not my free LIT bundles. This effectively meant that using youtube quickly depleted my Freeme browsing data, forcing me to top up a lot more frequently.

I verified this issue by changing my APN's and then monitoring bandwidth usage.

Therefore if you are a prepaid FreeMe user and use your free LIT data for youtube and other supported media, do not change your APN from 'internet' to any other APN. You will not benefit from your free LIT gigs and will have your browsing data depleted at a high cost to you.

Are there others in the same boat who have discovered this issue?

Why has Telkom Mobile not communicated with its FreeMe package users that changing their APN (as advised by them. Se below link) will render their free LIT data allocations useless using youtube in 360p or less when using other recommended APNs?
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