FTTB with VoIP offerings VOX vs XDSL


Aug 22, 2011
I am looking at getting fibre installed for my business.
We have a DFA fibre running down our street.

Now I have had some quotes on Fibre - some are crazy so I have narrowed down to 2 providers based on similar offerings and comparative pricing.

What I really want to find out is 10mb fibre with 1:1 contention (XDSL) vs 50mb 2:1 conntention (VOX) versus my current telkom of 10mb - Whats the difference? 10mb fibre seems a bit silly if I could be getting 50mb?

The add ons for the providers stated above vary with the VoIP offerings, bundled phones minutes etc. But I want to know experientially on fibre is 10mb good?

Anyone had an experience with either provider?

Leroy Brown

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Feb 5, 2014
2:1 contention Ratio on 50mbps will still be much faster than the 10mbps on 1:1 contention.

I have used both providers and can really not say which one's service is better but in my opinion Vox offers the best support on the market and the product is fantastic (xdsl product is just as great).

Will you be using an uncapped business account? How many people do you have in your office? 90% of the time a 10mbps fiber line would suffice, depending of course on what you guys actually do.