FTTH for Bridgetown/Silvertown/Parktown/Kewtown area (Cape Town)


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Oct 29, 2019
It's been really crazy october. I started a petition for fibre at the beginning of this month to get people to vouch for fibre in our area. With the help of our community-based whatsapp and facebook groups, I managed to gather over 295 responses from the petition within to 2 weeks which was quite impressive. After the petition ended I started engaging Fibre ISPs to see who would reach out us. Somehow a Telkom employee caught a glimpse of what I was doing and offered to forward our petitioned info to his boss and help get it to the openserve team. I was really thankful for the helping hand and hope it all works out. That scratched Openserve off the list. Next was Vumatel and Octotel. Pretty much both of them were recommending the option to show interest on their coverage map. It wasn't as easy as sending them raw data of the petitioned info of over 295 people who are interested in fibre. Their main focus is getting their responses directly from their website which I can I understand is their way of operating. I explained that it is quite tough getting people to sign up for interest on their coverage maps because half the time people get put off with negative responses from ISP's that cannot help them and they simply lose interest and wont even bother trying. So on behalf of my community, I went ahead and applied for interest on Vumatel, Openserve and Octotel's website for all 295 people to help maximized the rollout occurance. I chose those 3 Fibre ISP's because they are the closest to our area. This is the least I can do for my community and I hope they notice us as well. This whole fibre initiative was done in the response to copper lines that will eventually be cut and apparently many people are concerned over this. Their are many people in my area that ADSL users and they refuse to use LTE as an alternative. I want help provide a much cheaper solution to every and help improve the network infrastructure in our area.

I just want somebody provide with some form indication as how the Fibre ISP's plan to make a move on areas, how and when they choose do rollouts etc... It would really help because I really want to provide feedback to everyone from my area.

Its also tough doing all of this by myself, but I am really determine see this through and I will not stop till there is at least one of them installing in our area.

Any handy info would be greatly appreciated.