Gauteng motorists will soon have to buy new number plates

They are going to put provincial border posts in place. Office hours Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 16:00. Waiting times to be processed would vary but be no longer than 6-10 hours for each passing. The December holidays would be super exciting but with the 60-90 I’m long queues we’d have the added benefit that we’d have fewer accidents on the roads.

Also that’s all made up. The answer is who knows. Probably nobody knows :ROFL:
The worrying part is that with the powers they wanted permanently bestowed upon them after Covid they would actually be able to do this no matter how impractical.

Difficult is not the same as impossible - what's the point of the new plates if they can still be copied?

Yes, pay, pay, pay taxes and fees.

You can't uplift a country and increase productive jobs by increasing taxes and regulations.

My car still has this number plate:
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Do I have to replace it?
And this is the thing. New plates or not they don't even have to copy them and can just go to the source for legit ones. I don't even see how they're going to police it unless it's part of a roadworthy to show you have the new design. Then we all know how corrupt that system is. Nothing can fix a broken system except fixing the system.
What if you live in North West, but work in Gauteng (like think people who live at Hartebeespoort dam and work in Tshwane.)
What if you live in North West, but work in Gauteng (like think people who live at Hartebeespoort dam and work in Tshwane.)
I think they mean if you reside (as in permanently) in Gauteng for that amount of time coming from another province.
The degenerate cANCer again proving what a bunch of dom fokken konte they are. Criminals are going to easily circumvent anything these dumbfukks do to "curb crime"
So if you go and renew your disk online via the eNatis website, will they block you or just send you the new disk via courier since they are national and not provincial?
Yes, because criminals always use their own personal vehicles when committing a crime...?
And what about personalized number plates?
Will everyone with personalised number plates be reimbursed for the cost to get hold of it?
From TopAuto: "More recently, Lesufi revealed that the plates will be fitted with a QR code linked to the vehicle owner for easy identification, BusinessTech reports."

Isn't the purpose of the number on the number plate to link the vehicle to the owner?
Dude, they have to have a reason for this scam.
What if the registered owner of the vehicle lives in another province and I just happen to drive that car in Gauteng?
I drive 30km home everyday and number plates starting with L is the furtherest in the alphabet I have seen on the roads, running out of letters and numbers my butt. Just the government trying to rob us again. I agree it should only be for newly registered vehicles. Nothing is tamper proof in this country, they said the new money won't be able to make fake but I have had a fake R50 note