Gautrain's expansion plan looks uncertain

Daniel Puchert

Staff member
Mar 6, 2024
Gautrain expansion plan uncertainty

The Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) has been quiet on the progress of its Gautrain expansion project despite construction having to start relatively soon.

MyBroadband asked the GMA whether it is on track to begin construction by year-end as scheduled and if it could share cost estimates for the project.
Oh joy! The government will have another 'asset' in which to destroy...
whole gautrain thing reminds me of the monorail in sun city,
the one that takes you from the entrance to the main hotel/waterparks.
Appreciate what you have!

Hmm, I see public transport is top.

As someone that used the Gautrain last week, it's flippen amazing, like travelling in Europe, until you have to go out the station :D

I remember when we had trains in Cape Town....
I was hoping they would extend the train, i enjoy using it.

They just need far more Starbucks at stations though...
I really hope this goes through. Even though I'm in CPT. Its an amazing service. I don't really care what they spend on building it, as long as the current quality is maintained. They waste billions on other crap anyway.
The contrators and all the cvnts in line have probably been paid and hence silence as usual..........