Gearing up with Google

Scary, but very exciting. Hopefully people will now start to realise that software development is moving away from the operating system. That's what I don't understand about all you .NET, VB and ASP developers!?
Cookiemonster! How dare you insult us .net programmers! Hehe. .net, VB and ASP are here to stay my friend, whether we like it or not. I've written hundreds of apps for companies over the years, all in C++, and, especially asp and aspx. I can guarantee you, they won't change those apps in the next 10 years, maybe even more.

Microsoft made computers accessible to the normal person on the street with Windows, and transformed it into a serious business tool worldwide with Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Maybe the next generation of kiddies will use something different, but there's still an entire generation hooked on M$ products and that means, as long as I know my I'm gonna be in business until I die!