Gigabyte Aorus Motherboard for MSI branded (trade)


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Nov 1, 2012
Yo Gents,

Interested in the swop, building a Rig for Wifey.

Item: AMD X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING (rev. 1.0) (Retail value R 3500 +-, 2nd hand value is R 2300+-)
Age: 1.5 Years (3 Years warrantee with Rectron)
Price: Trade / Swop / R 2200
Payment Method Accepted: A friendly Face
Warranty: Yes, 1.5 Remaining
Packaging: Yes please if you have as. I Have full Retail and IO Plate for the Aorus
Condition: Excellent, keep all my hardware in tip top condition and maintain them
Location: Boksburg, but no issue around the country
Reason: Wifey wants to change to MSI build as her GPU is MSI so would like to keep it crossboard
Shipping: Yebo, will have to arrange as if shipped it will be a collect and delivery and vica versa
Collection: Yebo, can show its 110% perfect
Link: Aorurrie

Mobo has RGB and Nvme Heatsink cover, so would like same on the MSI, below is one that is same value, and age.


Item Wanted: MSI motherboard we were looking at and selling price same, same gen (MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon, MSI B550 Gaming those type of MB's)
Packaging Essential: Yes and extras if there
Desired Age: 2 Years or newer
Location: Doesnt matter
Willing to accept a shipped item: Yebo
Ballpark/Budget Amount: Trade / Swop
Link: MSI

Please pm me for offers.
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