Give Zuma a presidential pardon – ANC veteran


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Aug 4, 2005
Folks, what do you not realise in that Zuma is the head of his cadres, and also that there is a faction in the ANC that is anti-Zuma. In other words, Zuma supports his cadres, and they support him. If Zuma is gotten rid of, the rest will be cleansed as well (ok, so I hope). But while Zuma is still president, there is no way that this cleansing will begin.

I cannot predict if the replacement will be better; but I ****ing well hope so!
Likely way, way worse if they are similar due Zuma capturing many institutions who now owe him patronage.

Not sure how the nomination process will work but keep in mind most of the NEC is pro Zuma which I think is where they nominate from?

2ndly, even if the next leader was less corrupt, knowing you have a favorable person in certain positions helps get a few things passed is something very few will let go of


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Aug 26, 2016
I'm surprised he doesn't just pardon himself. Announce a presidential pardon, call his own name, the ANC MPs clap hands and they have a taxpayer funded party to celebrate and call everyone saying he can't do it racist. Problem solved.