Giyani residents still thirsty while politicians fight for votes


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Mar 26, 2010
The R3.5-billion Giyani Bulk Water project has become a battlefield for political parties ahead of the 2019 elections.

The project was initiated by former president Jacob Zuma in 2014 and was expected to be completed within nine months. But three years later, it has not yet been completed.

The Citizen reported in July that the project had stalled, with the failure of the department of water and sanitation to pay contractors’ outstanding invoices leading to them being unable to afford diesel.

Now, Simbi Phiri, executive director for the Midrand-based company Khato Civils, which is delivering the project, has told Water and Sanitation Minister Gugile Nkwinti: “Pay my invoices and the project will be completed.”

Since 2014, the scope of work at the project has tripled and the budget has ballooned from R502 million to R3.5 billion.

On Friday last week during a regional water summit, executive mayor for the Mopani District municipality Nkakareng Rakgoale said the stalling of the project had become a battleground for political parties gunning for votes going into the elections.

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R3bn Giyani water project in limbo, 50 villages still without clean water

JOHANNESBURG - The R3 billion Giyani bulk water project which was meant to supply water to over 55 villages in Limpopo is now in limbo.
Eyewitness News revealed recently that the cash crisis in the Department of Water and Sanitation was holding back the completion of the project, with Limpopo-based construction company Khato Civils retrenching nearly 1,000 employees last month due to the department's failure to pay up.

The project, whose costs ballooned to over R3 billion from just over R500 million, was launched by former President Jacob Zuma in 2014 with the aim of addressing water shortages in Giyani.
It was meant to supply 55 villages with clean drinking water but only five communities have so far been connected.

After EWN reported on the halting of the Giyani water project, the department has now paid Khato Civils R64 million, saying it hopes the firm will complete its work.
But that won’t be the case because

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The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has issued a summons to the three companies involved in an illegal emergency project to provide water to Giyani and 55 surrounding villages.

In court papers filed on Monday, the SIU wants the companies – LTE Consulting, Khato Civils and South Zambezi – to repay the state the R2.2 billion they were paid by the water and sanitation department.

In papers filed in the Polokwane High Court, the SIU also asked that the contract be declared unconstitutional, unlawful, invalid and null and void.
So Jacob Zuma ordered an investigation into a Nomvula Mokonyane linked project. No wonder he got washed away.
Boy (6) dies after falling into Giyani water project trench

JOHANNESBURG - A six-year-old boy from Giyani in Limpopo has died after falling into a trench that was left open allegedly by a company that was handling the R3 billion bulk water project in the area.
On Saturday, Nsuku Mhlongo’s body was recovered from a trench which is filled with water due to heavy rainfall in the province.
The company in charge Khato Civils has sent engineers to the area to investigate what went wrong.
The Mopani District Municipality has sent its condolences to Mhlongo’s family.

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Construction company Khato Civils says it was forced to abandon the unfinished project due to non-payment which forced it to retrench nearly 1,000 workers

JOHANNESBURG - The R3 billion contract to provide water to Giyani which was awarded to Khato Civils has now been terminated.

The project, which was aimed at supplying water to 55 villages in the Limpopo community, came to a halt late last year when the cash-strapped Water and Sanitation Department failed to pay the company.

Khato Civils now says it received a letter of termination more than three years after starting the project;

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Giyani bulk water project's slow progress raises ire of portfolio committee

Parliament's portfolio committee on human settlements, water and sanitation has voiced its disappointment over the slow progress of the Giyani bulk water project in Limpopo.

The committee visited the area as a follow-up, hoping the identified villages would be benefitting from the project by now, it said in a statement on Tuesday.

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People must be OK with it, too lazy to look, but quite sure ANC is the majority in the area. Zero fcuks given, value your vote.
Years later they are still investigating:
LTE first gained public notoriety after it was appointed in 2014 to deliver water to drought-stricken communities around the town of Giyani, in the Mopani region of Limpopo. The appointment was on an emergency basis, allowing authorities to bypass a competitive bid. Within a couple of years the project was beset by inflated costs and delays.
Based on this, they can all die of thirst for all I care..
And what about the millions already stolen / looted with the now terminated project? (Another spectacular failure to add to the wall of shame of the GLM)
What about this what about that, what about the people of Hammanskraal who perished under the DA's incompetence?