Good news for DStv subscribers - Channels not being cancelled

:ROFL: :laugh: :sneaky:

I actually watch that show just for the idiotic theories these people come up with. I record it so I can skip through the crap they (producers) keep repeating.

I've never seen anyone dig so much and find so little.
Millions of $ wasted

I think it's just a big fake-reality show. Stopped watching it ages ago when they would devote an entire episode to the "exciting" find of a button or some silly thing like that.
Well my mom will be happy :) She loves C+I.
Is the crime channel a women thing? Anyone here watch it?
I'm sure the Laginas will solve the mystery this coming season. :unsure: Anyway, love this stuff.

I suspected the so-called 'cancellation' threat was to enter negotiations from a position of 'strength?!?' as the message came up on the DSTV guide surprisingly soon after negotiations broke down... seems like a typical 'throw your toys out of the cot' reaction.
Out of those 3 C+I is the only one we occasionally watch with something worthwhile.
And here I'm thinking..... Good news for Dstv subscribers: As from 1st Dec 2019 Premium subscribers will now only pay R700 p/m.... And we invite new subscribers to sign on to our premium package at the low low rate of R700 on a month to month basis with no reconnection fees should you wish to re-subscribe.

OH wait!? It's not APRIL yet? :X3:
Forged in Fire is actually pretty good. Among others. I quite Like History channel.
Yeah are we still getting those new channels they promised us?

Glad History is staying at least. Don't care about the other 2 channels really.
Oh and inb4 the usual iptv/streaming in a dstv thread...

nope, too late :laugh: