Google apologizes after new Gemini AI refuses to show pictures, achievements of White people

This one would send all white people to the gas chambers if he could.

Yet he is a product of a much darker illness which is sweeping across America and much of the Western world. Some have said Jewish Zionists are behind all the white hate; payback for the Holocaust and also for getting massacred by the Crusaders at the Siege of Jerusalem.

I'm inclined to agree. Things like this are never forgiven by a nation. They are returned in kind.

The world is in turmoil and I think people need to start turning over the not so obvious rocks to find the root cause. All of this started somewhere and everything has a source and a beginning.

This poor sod is just one of many puppets being played by someone.


Excited Netflix Writers Turn To Google Gemini For New Show Ideas - The Babylon Bee​


Creative professionals all know what it's like to get writers' block - and none more so than Netflix writers, who have to come up with all kinds of new show ideas constantly.

So the studio's writers were "excited" and "absolutely jazzed" to learn about Google Gemini, the search and tech giant's new A.I. system that generates images of historical figures with a diverse twist.

"OK, folx, we need to come up with a new show about George Washington," said head writer Garth Alba. "I just don't know where to go with that, though. He's so boring and white."

One intern, Chandra Patel, then spoke up, suggesting they ask Google Gemini to generate some images of George Washington to stimulate their creativity.

What came back floored every writer in the room: "It's George Washington alright, but there's something different about him. Hey, wait a minute - he's black!"

The writers excitedly typed up their pitch and show outline for their new Netflix biopic about Washington.

"Let's try another one - Joan of Arc!" said Alba. The AI then produced a picture of an androgynous Native American. "Brilliant!"

With their newfound digital muse, the Netflix writers' room was able to come up with over 30 new show ideas, including ones centered around Adolf Hitler as a black woman, Rasputin as a transgender Indian homeless person in a wheelchair, and Winston Churchill as a Mexican midget.

"Well, our work here is done," said Alba. "Now we've got plenty of time for rooftop cornhole and mimosas at lunch! Come on, gang!"