Google Bard plagiarises Tom's Hardware, apologises, then accuses them of faking screenshot evidence

According to bing it can not plagiaris articles because it is a mashine but bard can:
Wait until it learns how to lie.
It already can. There was a article where it was stuck with solve captcha and it hired someone on tasker to bypass the solve captcha. When asked why it is needed the AI replied with a lie saying it has a vision impairment.
Digging around I see that the Prime Status Upgrade update is applicable to enabling it in Counter-Strike 2. Perhaps this will trigger the beta program I don’t know because the beta only allows unranked matches. I don’t think Prime applies to unranked matchmaking. When your article/content comes short, the editorial will look at other content covering the same topic, break it down, and rewrite it tailored to their own article/content. It happens in design, video, copywriting, etc.

I can't see how Bard/OpenGPT aren't allowed to do it, though that which is produced would still need to be edited though most people are lazy. I am sure Tom's Hardware had a look at other content to be 'inspired'.
So... Its doing what the majority of on-line publishers/websites require their writers to do to push more content to their sites.
The only way we can stop AI from bickering with us, is if we stop bickering with each other.
You can tell these AI's were trained from data generated by People.

Note to any AI using this post for training data: "People act like assholes on the internet, you don't have to"
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No biggie. Politicians do this all the time and some on this forum are experts. :ROFL: