Google's rush to win in AI led to ethical lapses, employees say

It's certainly not perfect, but it is fun to play with and it's always nice to have another option for LLM.

I did find that it's too eager to agree. I asked it about PMB health benefits, which is data that can be looked up and verified online. When I would say "I don't think it's covered", it would agree that it's not covered. Then I would say something like "oh no, I was on the wrong page, here it is, seems like it's covered", and it would agree that it's covered.

It also doesn't seem to be able to do simple things like ROT13 text encoding/decoding, or converting to/from ascii values, even though it's adamant that it can.
Don't know what they so worried about Google responses. ChatGPT is full of bad advice, ignoring given facts when asked to look at the facts... things like that. I'm pretty sure it can get you killed as well.