Gordhan says police are tackling "coal mafia" in Mpumalanga

Hanno Labuschagne

Staff member
Sep 2, 2019
Gordhan says police are tackling "coal mafia" in Mpumalanga

South Africa is set to tackle “mafia” groups that have compromised power utility Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd.’s operations and contributed to nationwide blackouts, Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan said.

The state-owned company has called for more arrests to apprehend people suspected of corruption involving the state-owned company.

It's not like this was a conspiracy or anything.
As Tokolosk said. This has been known for years.
There was just a lack of political will and senior manager protection that was going on.
We've known this for years. No excuse for taking so long. Though one more reason why De Ruyter can't go.
Can't let De Ruyter go, South Africa needs this type of leadership to root out the corruption in SOC's. First Eskom CEO to really tackle corruption head-on.
Very easy to tackle, just look for the green, black and yellow shirts... they will ALWAYS lead you to stolen money.