Got : MikroTik R52 NIC - Need : 5ghz outdoor aerial (for CTWUG)


Dank meme lord
Oct 31, 2007
I was wondering if anyone can help me. My neighborhood has quite a few CTWUG nodes and I am pretty sure I have coverage at my house. I manged to get a couple of MikroTik (Atheros) R52-350 miniPCI network cards with full size PCI adapter boards. There work very well and I use them to connect to my own 2.4Ghz B/G wireless router.

What I would like to do is connect a 5ghz outdoor antenna to one of these MikroTik network cards and then join CT WUG. Where can I get such an antenna from?

From what I can figure out that is all I need (no need for CPE kits and RouterBoards). Any advise will be appreciated.


Jul 18, 2010
Roux i have the following equipment that is just gathering dust so if you need the antenna etc let me know:

I have the following wireless equipment available that has been used for a few days, selling at cost as have no need for it any longer, purchase all for R4800 or take what you need as listed below. Free shipping on bundle only.

2 x N(m) to N(m) - 1 Meter Cable (LMR400) @ R87 each

1 x Routerboard 433, 300MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, 3 LAN, 3 MiniPCI, L4,@R760 each

1 x 5GHz - Grid Antenna - 26 dBi, Wideband (5150-5850) @ R320 each

2 x UFL to N-Type(f) - 300mm Pigtail for Mini PCI Cards @ R45 each

2 x MikroTik MiniPCI 802.11 a/b/g, 19dBm (2.X) 17dBm (5.X), U.FL Co @ R210 each

1 x Grounded Power over Ethernet Injector 24V, 1 Amp with South African @ R140 each

1 x Acconet IP66 Enclosure, Mounting Studs @ R290 each

2 x Ubiquiti NanoStation 5.XGHz a Outdoor CPE TX 24dBm Gain 14dB @R680 each

2 x 5GHz - Heavy Duty Grid Antenna - 29.5 dBi, Wideband (5150-5850) @ R680 each

2 x NP(m) to SMA(m)RP - 1 Meter Cable (LMR195) @ R100 each