Government wants to “ban” medical aids – Report

While some of the government hospitals are very well run and stocked - many of them are not. How in the world are they going to provide all these services? I remember a few years ago all the nursing strikes due to bad payments, lack of working equipment etc. I think this is incredibly short-sighted and unrealistic.

With some medical aids we are already tied in to some hospitals. Can the NHI cover the costs at Netcare facilities? Are now going to be forced to pay cash if we choose to go to a privately owned clinic / hospital?

This leak is really useless without a list of those services in question.
The nhi will endeavor to provide a basic suite of services to everyone. Medical aids will then only provide beyond that. A top up of sorts.

So you will pay for nhi via another tax. Then private top up over and above that.

With so much corruption though the concern is always how much will actually reach the people.

White paper also states a single payer system. Also concerning.

The nhi is a noble initiative and much needed. But with our corruption levels it will be a huge challenge to not let this become just another slush fund that gets drained by corruption.
Even the UK, which has the NHS, allows for private medical insurance if you want to avoid the ridiculous long wait times for some operations and receive better care...
The NHI is going to be one of the biggest corruption mechanisms ever. The anc and people of SA cannot keep their hands out of the till.
I'm still waiting to see how it will be funded. Will probably be like the digital migration project, due in 2035
Sadly South Africans must come to the realization that the NHI will bring an end to privately funded 1st world medical facilities. The middle class and privileged will have to drop quite a few rungs on the ladder of service standards and join the long queues at dilapidated healthcare facilities which dish out inferior (cheap old generation) medicines, offer severely restricted medical procedures and staffed by the dregs of our deathcare staff due to the expected exodus of highly trained doctors and specialists. In all likelihood most people on NHI will never see a real doctor, but instead will be first channeled through primary healthcare centers where the highest qualified person in attendance will be an unsympathetic and poorly trained nurse.

This is the ANC's vision of equality. Everyone in cattle class.

People, if you have the skills and education to make a break to another country, THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW!
If you are young and have a long life ahead of you, NOW is the time to fast track your decision making on whether you going to commit your life and career to the lowest common denominator or soar in a supportive environment of opportunity abroad.
If you have children and care about their future, NOW is the time to put them first and open the world to them.
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The NHI is going to be one of the biggest corruption mechanisms ever. The anc and people of SA cannot keep their hands out of the till.

Far bigger problem than land expropriation without compensation IMO.