Gungubele hits back at reports that ANC government is blocking Starlink


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May 24, 2010
We are not blocking Starlink in South Africa, says minister

Communications minister Mondli Gungubele has hit back at media reports and a statement from the Democratic Alliance (DA) stating that the ANC government is blocking the launch of Starlink in South Africa.

This comes after Gungubele responded to a Parliamentary question from the DA about Starlink offering services in South Africa.
“For Starlink to operate in South Africa, they require… individual IECS/IECNS applicants or licensees to have a minimum 30% equity ownership held by persons from historically disadvantaged groups,” Gungubele stated.
So you are blocking starlink from applying

The same way BEE is blocking most foreign direct investment in this country.
I hope Starlink just essentially blacklists SA. Reason? Severe retardation.
So you are blocking starlink from applying

The same way BEE is blocking most foreign direct investment in this country.
No, many countries does that. Do you know happens in Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and the list goes on and on too? Ever wondered what the Chinese imports did to our local clothing manufacturing industry? No worries, you will get taxed more and more for your faster internet demands, while 100s of thousands in SA loose their jobs to a foreign monopoly who'se only interest is profit.

Time to smell the coffee buddy.


Do not believe all the crap you hear from the DA. They dont actually check their facts properly, they never have. They will simply sell us to foreign bidders and wouldnt care if all of us are homeless or without jobs.

Ah and yes even mighty demands that in some industry, 51% of the shares of a company that wants to do business there, must be owned by Canadians.

China is more strict, but then demands your secret blueprints too, or youre not allowed to sell any goods or import any goods there. However this is not a bad thing, they actually use it to create their own industries that ends up creating more jobs, while foreign companies fall over.
Governmemt worried that this might affect the influx of people to the smart mega cities amd all the free data you can get.. ......
So who here knows about Starshield

We tend to refer to it as Skynet, but for some out there we would call it Starshield. Its using Starlink Satellites you know for surveillance, carrying payloads, control over uncle sam's enemies.

Because Starshield gives him trillions more than what Starlink will offer.

Whats worth far far more than faster internet for some yuppies in South Africa? 24/7 surveillance and military control.

But dont worry, our comrades already hacked quite a few Starlink satellites and bricked the routers. Supposedly the Starlink satellites has major security flaws, and the only way to fix them, is to replace them.