Gym 'masturbator' caught in the act in Stellenbosch, banned for life

Jan 7, 2010

A Stellenbosch gym-goer will have to do his lifts and rope work at home after being banned for life from all Virgin Active outlets for apparently masturbating in full view of other people exercising.

A fellow gym member filmed the incident which happened on Thursday.

In the clip, the man, dressed in red gym gear is seated on an exercise mat, his gaze fixed on his cellphone. His other hand is down his shorts, tugging movements visible through his red shorts.

A white towel is draped over a part of his body, but he continues the tugging moements as a woman and a man exercise a metre or so away from him.

The video was captured from one of the exercise machines by another gym-goer at the club's Stellenbosch branch, and has since been shared on WhatsApp and social media.