Have you been a victim of crime?

Have you been a victim of crime over the last year?

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Jul 10, 2014
How do you get blue iris to not give you false alerts for when the dogs come into camera picture?
We keep the dogs in the house and they can get outside into the back yard. As it is, we prefer Blue Iris to record everything - you can set it up so it only records so many gigs and doesn't fill your hard drive. You can also use zones and hot spots to mask off areas where you don't want anything to trigger.
Right click on one of your cameras. Go to camera settings/trigger/motion sensor (ticked) configure and then edit according to your requirements.
I am constantly amazed what goes on in the early hours of the morning when watching the recordings. A certain slice of the population seem to be very nocturnal. Night shift, restaurants, security patrols etc. Things you would never know about if it wasn't for the cameras.
Also be aware that the cameras themselves are targets. We have had two bullet cameras yanked off the wall and stolen. Now we only install anti-theft Aracont Vision and Hikvision dome cameras.
We also have an Actop door camera, but this doesn't work at all with Blue Iris.


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Jan 24, 2019
Someone stole a large pot plant from our garden several months ago. Makes no sense why you would come into our property at night, to take a big, heavy pot plant. We are also at the end of a cul-de-sac and in a very safe area with a parking lot next to our street where security companies tend to stay while they wait for call out's. So this whole thing was disturbing for me and odd. I did "up" our security a bit and just need a ladder to install a CCTV on our driveway... :unsure: