Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident?

How many MVAs have you been involved in?

  • None

    Votes: 42 14.8%
  • Just the one

    Votes: 64 22.5%
  • Two

    Votes: 64 22.5%
  • Three

    Votes: 55 19.4%
  • Four

    Votes: 14 4.9%
  • Five or more

    Votes: 37 13.0%
  • Other / Too many to count

    Votes: 8 2.8%

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Jan 22, 2015
Three for me - all very minor fender benders luckily
One I drove into the back of a chap that just pulled up the handbrake whilst driving through a green light - my old skedonk didn't have ABS so that was a nice skid
One I was brake-checked on the N1 by a p03s in a Navara as I flashed my brights at him as he was driving like a p03s! Learned my lesson in what people can do in road rage!
Last I had a guy drive into the back of my bike at a red traffic light - he thought the turning arrow was a sign that he could jump the red - luckily not bad damage and the guy's insurance sorted everything with mine so all good. Also learned why bikes should stop in the middle of the lanes at a robot.


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Jun 5, 2006
Been in a few MVA some my fault and most were others but by far the worst was when a friend was killed, one was paralyzed and another had minor injuries I wasn't the driver though, still waiting for SPCA to give the driver a Medal of Honor for swerving to avoid hitting a dog running across the road.
To this day I still cringe when I see people sitting cramped in open bakkies as that's where the victims in the accident were.
One a lighter note I rolled my dad's beemer when I was 1 by dropping the hand brake while it was on an incline fortunately it was at home and it only damaged the gate and a few scratches on the rear, not sure if it counts though...
I suspect you have a different understanding of "rolling" a car to what most people have ;)


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Dec 20, 2007
Ermahgerd the memories!!

Project at parliament 2005, myself and the boyfriend at the time driving down to CT from Pretoria, felt fresh so decided not to sleep over, was softly raining so I was doing between 80 & 90.
A river had burst its banks and flooded the road between Beaufort West and Leeu Gamka. Couldn't see any danger 'cos the road was wet, car aqua-planed off the embankment right into the torrent.
No-one was hurt but just grabbed wallets & stuff and got out the water started seeping in under the doors. Car was an insurance write-off due to water damage. I barely had it for 3 months & drove it only a handful of times
Look at the seats how high the water came up eventually<cry emoji>


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Jul 22, 2009
Had a few minor fender benders, some my fault, but been in two major accidents.

One in about '95 I misjudged a guy coming down the road, looked like he was going slower than he was. (probably doing about 90km/h in a 60 zone) t-boned my car. It was pretty much a write off.

Then about 2 years ago, driving down Jan Smuts Ave in JHB, truck took a bend too fast in the rain and almost had a head one (but turned into more of a side swipe)
Car was written off, it was only 2 years old (one of my favourite cars - 2016 Astra 1.6T sport)

Me and the very pregnant wife didn't have even a bruise.



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Dec 18, 2017
Nothing serious but three times.

I caused paint scratches to my former work car last year twice. It was not too bad and the repairs collectively came up to R1500. The parking space was really narrow and I grazed the wall twice which caused the scratches.

I was also hit by a guy last year from behind while driving my Mum's car. It as not at high speed and the paint scratch is still on the back bumper today. The guy said he would meet us at a shop but drove away.


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Oct 4, 2012

1. Hit a 4x4 with my 86 MK1 GTI on the way to plet, went down a ditch, up the other side, stuck between 2 trees. Salvaged the steering wheel and a gear knob. Fractured wrist, cut lip, broken fingers, collarbone dislocated, concussion.

2. Forced onto pavement by a taxi in gardens CT.
No injuries

3. Went through a t junction, through a fence, over railway track. Climbed out the windshield..

Sliced my lip and lost a shoe

Never drank when driving again after the 3rd accident.

No one else injured


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May 25, 2015
1 - Motorcycle accident couldn't walk for a few weeks (pillion)
2 - Passenger - guy driving went over a blind rise and hit a car standing still
3 - Driver - hit from behind by someone on their phone
4 - Driver - scooter hit my drivers door after another driver indicated the lane next to him was clear for me to go.. it was not, rider had a few scrapes on her legs
5 - Driver - hit from behind, again someone on their phone


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Feb 16, 2007
Quite a few - mostly due to a irresponsible youth - fortunately nothing serious.


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Aug 23, 2013
Never one that I caused.

So far:
Someone jumping a red and hitting the back of the car, I was sitting in the back, missed me by about a handspan, car was a write off.
Another case of someone hitting the back of the car I was in while we were stopped.
Taxi scraping the front left of my car while I was standing in traffic since they wanted to jump into the right-most lane from the left-most lane.
Dude trying to overtake me at a stop sign while I was turning right, bashed the front right of the car.
Then when I was with someone else in the car, dude jumped the stop sign from the right while we were already in the intersection, took out the back half of the car basically.
And then one case as me as a passenger again, wheels slid on a wet road and ended up doing a 180 into a wall.

Then if motor vehicle includes car failure/no one else involved/not hitting objects, one case of engine blowing up in 45C weather for a crappy uno.

And then if me cycling is included, then one case of me hitting the back of a car at ~30kmph as the dude just went at a T junction where he had a stop sign and me right of way.

Then 2 cases of bus hitting people doing a U turn when they shouldn't, I was in the bus in the one accident for why there's now a no u-turn sign at sunset beach.

I spend a lot of time on the road though, from age ~4-22 I spent on average 3-4 hours a day on the road every weekday, with some days exceeding that. Only the last 2/3 years has that cut down to ~1-2 hours, with the last year being ~1 hour and lock down being rarely.
I have yet to be the cause of an accident, though there have been two close calls, both right when I started driving and misjudged brakes when swapping between cars (going from a 2t vehicle to a 600kg one).

There's probably more that I have forgotten by now, the one with us hitting the wall the driver was freaking out pretty bad afterwards while for me it was more like this:


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Mar 12, 2008
"whaddya mean" i reply
with that, he goes off to the kitchen, grabs the keys for my bike and car, and hurls them over the wall into the bush and glares at me : "enjoy the bus for the next month you idiot"
what was wrong? how did he know?
unless you got a speeding ticket or a red light camera caught you.


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Mar 12, 2008
now the million rand question, for those that wrote off a car,
would you have rather been on a Bike, and would you still be here today?

yes, cars aint perfect, but id rather be inside a car, than on a bike.

Kung Fu Porkchop

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Jan 29, 2013
now the million rand question, for those that wrote off a car,
would you have rather been on a Bike, and would you still be here today?

yes, cars aint perfect, but id rather be inside a car, than on a bike.
Nope. I walked out without a scratch after I wrote off my car. If I were on a bike, the injuries would've been quite bad as a tree and palisades were involved after I hit the curb.

I will most likely never purchase a bike in my life. I don't think I have enough self-discipline to drive a bike and I've lost quite a few friends and family due to accidents where bikes were involved.


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Oct 6, 2009
Three accidents - one minor caused by not paying attention - I had just moved into a new house and as I was reversing out the driveway, I went straight into a small tree alongside the driveway.

The second one was when a full grown Dalmatian rain straight into the front of my car, as it was being walked off leash - fortunately I was only going about 20, however the front grille cracked and the bonnet kinked.

The third one was where I could have died. A guy in a stolen Hilux bakkie fromt he oncoming lane clipped a car in front of him and went airborne. The road i was on was pretty much against a cliff edge so there was no escape route, Fortunately I leaned over to the passenger side as the bakkie landed on my roof on the driver's side, and all I got was a cut on the ear from some broken glass.


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Jun 4, 2014
1 in a car that was all me (first car, new licence, hit a lamp post doing a fast wet late cornering manoeuvre. 5 in various cars that were not my fault. 1 (company) car got hit outside the house whilst I was sleeping, company tried to blame me for it and make me pay the excess. 1 on the race track.

4 with motorbikes, none of which were my fault.

Varying levels of injuries and damages, and 1 loss of life.
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Feb 22, 2016
some more spectacular than others.
rolled a car on the highway near richards bay - uninjured.

hit by a car jumping a red light on william nicoll - 2 dead in the car i was in.

going home at around 7am after leaving a club - never noticed what is probably the biggest traffic circle in the western cape , sailed right over it and landed up in the flea market opposite - dignity in tatters

oh, one more:
my father had a few "exotic" cars - i was not allowed anywhere near them.
one of which was a 64 e-type jag, convertible. the thing was pristine, always at jaguar club gatherings.
so my parents are away and a friend & i decide the exersize the old girl's legs.
i took every precaution not to be caught out - marked the tyres and garage floor with chalk, disconnected the odometer etc etc.
friend and i are croozing along umhlanga rocks drive near the sharks board, sucking on a torpedo sized doob.
i never noticed the curve in the road and we glided off the road into the sugar cane field.
sugar cane is wet and slippery - it all probably looked rather elegant.
problem was the crushed sugar cane was too slippery to get out of.
two tow trucks had to form a daisy chain and tow the car out.
no damage to the car, but coated inside and out with bits of sugar cane. the next morning i take it to some valet place that had a hoist, car was cleaned inside and out, underneath the car, wheel arches - everywhere, it was spotless. then i take it to a jaguar workshop, they check top to bottom, nothing damaged or evidence of the night before.
i park the car exactly like it was before our outing, and feeling rather pleased with myself having pulled off the perfect mission.
parents come back, father goes to the garage. GRANT, GET YOUR ARSE HERE NOW.
i nonchalantly stroll to the garage.
"whaddya mean" i reply
with that, he goes off to the kitchen, grabs the keys for my bike and car, and hurls them over the wall into the bush and glares at me : "enjoy the bus for the next month you idiot"

How did he know something happened?


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Aug 20, 2019
Nearly had 2 yesterday. Both 4x4s coming out of side streets. Range Rover and then a Fortuner. Had to brake and swerve for both of them. Nearly got rear ended a couple of weeks ago by another Range Rover, probably someone on their phone and not paying attention. Big squeal of brakes and tyres but no damage.