Heavy traffic on M2 after truck loses ‘load of gold


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Joburg Metro Police have confirmed traffic on the M2 has been heavily affected by a truck that lost a load of what many say is gold.

Motorists have reported seeing people picking up specks of the substance near the Cleveland offramp.

The JMPD says the truck has since been moved but traffic is still backed up as a result of the ongoing search for the alleged gold.
JMPD officer are monitoring traffic on the M2, however, they say they cannot confirm that the substance is in fact gold.

“The truck seems to have lost its load. People have been seen at the scene of the accident looking for what they believe is gold.”


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Would be funny if the people picked up ball bearings

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Very rough ball bearings!?

Looks nothing like any gold I've seen.

Possibly granules of platinum group metal concentrate (moderately valuable).

Otherwise something of not much value at all (vanadium, etc).


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do they know what gold weighs? ITs not carted around on the back of trucks
Sure...what do you think those all blacked out trucks are carrying with the massive police escorts and blocking of high ways?

I'm sure volume wise it's not a truck full based on weight....but not really many other ways to move stuff.



Have seen them myself as well and had an R4 pointed in my face so didn't **** around and try to ride past the barrier.

How else would you move it?
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