Help needed for technically challenged!


Sep 15, 2013
Hi all - I am getting an upgrade for my BB and am totally confused with what's what in the zoo as far as phones are concerned. To make matters worse, I get told things by consultants that are definitely not true, they are obviously trying to 'upsell' me, so I can't rely on them anymore. Please can someone help with the myriad of questions I have?

I need - simply a phone to make calls, sms, get my mail from g mail, and hopefully Skype or viber. I don't need all kinds of bells an whistles, I never learn how to use them. I have a child in Austria, and would like the most efficient and economical way of staying in touch when I'm not near the computer.

Does Cell C charge for viber? And does anyone know what the charges are for Skype (and Viber if they do charge)? I am getting different stories from consultants from 'nothing' to 'we can't possibly tell you that' (why?'), to just 'very reasonable, but cant tell you.'

Phones - Samsung S3 Mini is what I'm heading for at the moment - one consultant says it does not support Skype, internet research says it does. Samsung S4 - consultants says does support Skype, research says yes, but not efficient.

I've asked around, and obviously everyone has their favourites, and I'm sure I'll get a variety of advice here, but I'd really like to see what people suggest please. I've had a BB for the last two years, and am so so about getting a replacement BB. Other phones like the I phone seem very pricey.

Putting it out there to people who have nothing to gain. thanks in advance.


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Nov 22, 2006
S3 Mini can definitely run the current Skype and Viber apps. As for how much the calls would cost,thats pretty hard to hammer down and the reason is twofold:
For Data calls you'd be paying per meg,so the cost would depend on the provider and data bundle you have/take/bolt on. There have also been threats about charging extra for Voip type calls but I don't know if that is enforced as yet


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Feb 26, 2013
PsyWulf got it spot on.

but the best way for us to help would be to know, do you have wifi at home? what networks are your options, how is the signal in your area?

next up the phone itself. when you are talking about the phone you want look at the opperating system, to help figure if it will run skype/viber.
if the phone comes with Jellybean you are sorted, you wont see kit kat yet but that will be fine too. if you see gingerbread DO NOT TAKE IT. ice cream sandwich will most likely be able to upgrade to jellybean as soon as you turn it on and that will mean the phone is most likely fine too.

just remember to check the signal map of the network you are going for. if the area where you spend the most time has weak 3g signal, dont even bother go to another network.