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Hetzner / Windows Servers


Expert Member
Company Rep
Jul 12, 2006
Hi all

I'm posing this in desperation as I've run out of ideas. We have Windows servers hosted at Hetzner and over the past two years or so we've had 5 servers that just didn't boot after restarting. It's hard to say if it's a hardware issue or an OS issue, but I'm hoping that others have had this problem and can offer a solution.

When the server fails to start, it just comes up with the blue screen with options on repairing, can't boot into safe mode or anything. We're too scared to re-boot any servers because of this.

I know this is vague, hoping a stab in the dark will yield something.

Jade @ ZA Domains

ZA Domains representative
Company Rep
Nov 17, 2015
What version of Windows Server is running on the servers and what error code is shown on the screen when it blue screens?
You mentioned that it’s happening to servers, does this mean that multiple servers are effected by the same issue?
You’re more than welcome to pm me and we can discuss further via email.


Telasera representative
Company Rep
Oct 3, 2012
Is there anything in the servers event log that could point to the issue.
Do you have remote access via KVM to diagnose??.. this could be related to secure boot depending on the BIOS setup of the host server.