High Court rules Tshwane must explain R585-million to R736-million IT contract tender award


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May 24, 2010
Locust plague, the lot of them...

hold my beer .... meanwhile in CoJ :

Two months ago, the Metropolitan Trading Company (MTC) - the municipal-owned entity that runs the Johannesburg Broadband Network (JBN) - was repositioned under the city’s Transport Department, which is led by the PA’s Deputy President Kenny Kunene.

This comes with a nebulous deal brewing in the background.

The deal is part of an “Enhanced Business Model” - or EBM - strategy that would see a private company called Digitalwave Length Investments (DWLI) purchase the (JBN) from the MTC for R950 million.

- Steve Motale hoisted to helm of CoJ's broadband company that's up for R900m
At the same time, DWLI will also score a lucrative contract to sell the city the attached services for the next 12 years - at a total cost of at least R1.8 billion - before returning the asset.
Tshwane must answer for giving R700-million network tender to company that allegedly can’t do the job
awarded Brilliant Telecommunications a contract valued at R585 million despite the company’s bid being only R74 million
while Brilliant Telecommunications bid around R585 million
So let me get this right
  • The tender is worth R585m
  • Brilliant bid only R74m
  • Brilliant bid around R585m
  • Brilliant was awarded the contract for R585m
  • The tender is worth R700m
Welcome to "journalism", where everything is made up and the facts don't matter.
Holy crap their website is a mess! Probably also cost 30 million to develop. :ROFL:

Also, I stopped reading after the fourth word... explains exactly why they got the tender. :rolleyes:

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Sounds like the DA has been picking up some bad habits from the Union Buildings down the road.
Drag them across the coals. If there's corruption here then anybody even remotely responsible needs to face excessive jailtime and massive fines.

Stop stealing public money.