Hollow Earth / Hollow Planets


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Aug 4, 2005
So that is where the 17 points come from. 17 chapters in Jan Lamprecht's book = 17 points to support the HEH.:Do_O:eek:

A local guy? Hmmm. Crocopede, related to you? Conspiracy theories, Aliens, US coverups, strange interpretations of photos of the north pole, wild sitings in the Kalahari ..........

All lose gatherings of information on all sorts of topics. No concrete hypothesis as to what should replace Newtonian Gravity.

mysterious lands seen by explorers in the Arctic. might as well be stories of sitings of Santa Claus' home.


I am out this is just rubbish!
2.5 hours to read ? Hell it took me 20 minutes You must be really slow. Go and join the hollow heads
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Apr 18, 2015
Perhaps his intent (foolish for this forum as it is) was more to get a actual intellectual discussion going instead of just drawing baseless mockery? To bounce idea's around and see where it lands?
BS... here, let me demonstrate... carrot - just putting it out there, see where it lands... no
Rambo is indeed spot on. Discourse to see where it ends up. But I am happy to see that emotion prevails. Not enough people feel these days.
and BS. You made it clear from post one...
To me personally the theory is sound
All based around the core generally accepted formula of gravity. But that in itself is flawed.
You have a stance. You've made the statements. You been questioned. You can't answer or back it up, now hiding behind rambo interpretation of what you 'perhaps, maybe, could be, possibly' explaination to have an 'actual intellectual discussion' and the twaddle above this post of 'decided to see where it goes, I had fun' copout.... as said in earlier post, you need to back out, get your **** together and come back and give us the break down of your 'hollow earth theory is sound' & 'gravity is flawed' and have the understanding to back it up, considering its so 'sound' not sure why its so difficult to do.... only then can there be an 'actual intellectual discussion'


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Aug 25, 2014
Well, how do we know the arctic and antarctic are really there? A couple of black and white photos? Eyewitness accounts. Video clips... all of those could be faked! I've never been. Plus it's not like we have access to little drop down maps that shows us where we are in RT in the middle of all that ice... could just as well be some ice island or whatever they just take you to to make you think you're at the poles. Maybe it's all concocted to make you think there are poles. But are there? Poles? I mean have any of you been to Poland? That's also probably fake as well. I've never seen it with my own eyes. So it has to be fake. Have you seen their surnames? Only a random name generator could make up surnames like that. So looks like the poles and the Poles are both fake. Inception level **** there my friend.



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Apr 8, 2006
That's a winner... I wonder if nasa fired that scientist for being retarded?


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Feb 11, 2017
Seek and ye shall find , its cold until you get there and you need a sub .....and nazi instructions......