Home Affairs minister says load-shedding cost them 6,268 working hours last quarter across all branches


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May 24, 2010
So, why do they want to keep it open 2 hours longer, and that in hours when loadshedding is active again?

I smell something fishy here....
Ok Aaron, is part of that 6000 calculation including a place like Home Affairs in Scottburgh where they just don't turn on the generator?

and 95% uptime? how is that calculated? end user availability, central system uptime, network uptime? with a ping, or actual system test?
In Glenwood, the Umbilo SAPS police station goes dark during loadshitting too. You would think the police station handling the highest crime in the country would have backup.
Off topic & wishful thinking, but why the actual buck are they still not producing biometric passports in 2023? We're literally one of the only few countries in the world without them. Most useless department ever.
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So there was a time where you used to believe what they said?
Yes. Before Zuma and his clan ****ed up all law and order and accountability.

Things were way better than (then).
95% Uptime. I must have imagined my past experiences then.
Why did we always wait hours in line just to get in front of some gum chewing mouth breather, for them to say the system is offline.
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