Homebrew installation speeds are running at Kib/s


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Mar 18, 2010
Hey all.

So I am trying my hand at full stack web dev, starting from 0 experience with any of the frameworks, or HTML and CSS.

I am following the Odin Projects curriculum, and I am trying to install Homebrew. It is crazy slow and keeps terminating the download.

I pinged github and I am getting 500ms - 1100ms responses. Is this the norm for us South Africans? All other Int websites and servers are just under 100ms for me.

My connection is stable with others, but lose a few packets here and there with github for some reason. Github states it's my end and not theirs.

Anyone know a workaround, or if I just have to keep trying? 768596


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May 13, 2011
Two underseas cables are currently broken, which are in use by most if not all our ISPs..

This is affecting all international traffic, like GitHub and I imagine most repositories used by HomeBrew as well..

Until that is fixed or your ISP manages to find a suitable alternative for international traffic, expect slow speeds until the cables are fixed..