Homekit and Siri all over the place


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Jan 12, 2016
I have 4 Homepod Mini's, 1 Homepod, 2 Apple TV's and numerous Yeelight globes. I also have a Homebridge setup providing an interface to a few Shelly switches.

My problem is two fold;

1. Randomly devices just appear "offline" on Homekit. I cant control a Yeelight globe fine for 2 days and then suddenly Homekit says its "No response". Nothing brings them back but either restarting the device or restarting my iPhone.

2. Siri worked fine on all homepod's and controlling what was available except for the rare issue in point 1. However, i've gone away for work and i've been gone for a week now - suddenly ALL my devices at home cannot use Siri anymore. There's family members at home linked to Family/Homekit and its always worked fine for them but now Siri just says She's not available on any device in the house. Routers restarted, and they're showing up on Homekit App - but just no Siri she can't process any commands.

Anyone else have something similar? The devices just seem all over the place- today they work, tomorrow they don't. Then they do.